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Gina Beretta

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Remember Sandy Hook

This is the most important campaign, I have ever been involved in. This could anywhere, to anyone. When I saw the faces of those children, I saw the faces of my own children and my heart broke. Our culture is filled with senseless gun violence and there must be something done about it. These children were our children and as a parent, I am now more determined to make this country a better, safer place for our kids...for us all.

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Doreen Pelletier

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Remember Sandy Hook

Getting involved helps not only the victims of Sandy Hook, but everyone who's lives have been effected by gun violence and attacks of innocent men, women and children every where in this country. Has anyone been able to add up the fatalities of lives lost from guns in lets say, just the past 25 years? Is it because the numbers are so high that people may decide that it is too dangerous to live here if they did? How many mass murders have transpired in just 25 years? What gun laws have been enforced, re-enforced, made stricter since the first onset of these deadly random massacres? Who is strong enough and have the courage as the brave families of Sandy Hook and the town of Newtown that need you to join them to help put and end to this violence once and for all. So we all can feel safer and perhaps not have to endure these invasions almost every day that have turned this country into one of the scariest places to live, love, work and raise a family. This has been our past and our present but we deserve and the children of America deserve to have a brighter future and a great love and respect for the country that is suppose to protect them. We all know, through much blood shed, continuous heartaches and sorrow that stricter gun laws and certain bans of deadly weapons are our only hope for real change.

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