Earlier this month, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) voiced her support for the status quo when she told The Nation that she wants to give widely condemned half measures five more years before considering common sense reforms.

"If five years from now we're having fewer sexual assault convictions, if we have fewer reports of sexual assault that appear to be an anomaly in terms of the overall incidents coming down, I'll be first in line," said Senator McCaskill.

Last month, Sen. McCaskill incorrectly alleged on MSNBC that the Pentagon's Unwanted Sexual Contact statistics includes "somebody looking at you sideways and saying something about how nice you look in a sweater." This is not true.

Join with Protect Our Defenders and ask Senator McCaskill to stand with victims of sexual assault in the military and support a fair and unbiased military justice system

You can tweet Senator McCaskill at @clairecmc the following: #bipartisan support 4 #MST justice. Where's @clairecmc? #MJIA bit.ly/WheresClaire #WheresClaire

You can also call Senator McCaskill's office at (202) 224-6154 or click here to send her a personal message.

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