Thank you

  • Update #7

Dear all who supported this campaign, THANK YOU! We need more support and understanding more than ever. This is happening in real time and people are dying like a young man Ahmet Atakan (22) who died today from a tear gas canister that hit him in a head as…Read More

Berkin Elvan

  • Update #6

Berkin Elvan (14) left home to buy a loaf of bread on 15 June. He was hit by a tear gas cannister aimed at his head. His family was threatened after refusing to hand in his clothes and personal belongings to the police. He is still in critical…Read More

It all happened very quick...

  • Update #4

I was having a meeting around 7.30 right in istiklal. The square was getting crowded and police was standing everywhere around the square. Then suddenly around 8pm the police began making announcements that they are going to start dispersing the crowds.…Read More

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