The Romanian Government had a great sum of money for making shelters for the stray dogs. For a few years no dog was taken off the streets and no shelter was made and all the money suddenly disappeared. A week ago a child was killed by stray dogs,and the Romanian Government hastily decided to pass a law that would kill all the stray dogs from our country,make you to castrate your dog or you will be fined with 2239€ or 2965$ or 10000LEI. And even more,if you want puppies from your dog you need to pay a penalty which could be as high as the fine for not castrating itself. The real story behind the child who was killed by the stray dogs is that he was 4 years old and his grandmother let him go and play outside,being watched only by his 6 years old brother. The two children entered a private propriety through a hole in a fence,and that’s where the younger brother was killed. Did the Romanian Government care that they were on a private propriety or that they were not being watched by an adult whatsoever or that it was an isolated incident and more people die in our own hospitals than die of dog bites and aggressive dogs? No! Instead,they choose to kill all the dogs so they won’t be pressed by their own responsibilities anymore. It is an inhuman act to kill all those dogs after the Government was so ignorant that instead of making them shelters,our politicians choose that the money would be better in their pockets! This is a signal for ourselves. If we don’t act now we could just sit here and watch how our governments steal our countries from us,and they dare to call themselves “democratic”! We need to pull the trigger,to make them understand what we want! We need a safe place for us,a shelter for us,and a law that would forbid ignorant people throw other animals on the street! Help reach to the European Government,the animals have rights too!


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