For all men of all ages are born free and free may remain, for children may also known the play of their ages and become free men, for who make slavery act is a slaw of himself and his miopy, is like a blind who see not the beauty of world, of his creatures, flowers, plants and men of all ages,…Read More

It is so empowering to support only businesses which respect the rights of all people.

This campaign matter because all of us, no matter who we are, have the right to be free, to choose where we work, and to get paid for the work we do. NO ONE is for sale, NO ONE! Please take the pledge to be a REBEL and fight to end this horrendous crime!!!

Remember, NO ONE is free unless we are…Read More

We need to stop globalisation make slavery the norm, it's happening on a massive scale in too many places. We need to make a stand.

Time this horrendous practice was consigned to the history books.

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