Because if there is the God many wealthy who put on the poor a creator they cannot afford to believe in, but pretend to, with false prophets for real profits by privatization of "wareligion" they will be held accountable for all they knew, but didn't not do. From the killing of JFK Jesus…Read More

How can I purchase and wear something that I know has been made with slave labour? How can I enjoy such an item when someone's tears and pain have been woven into the fabric? The answer is that I can't.

Children should be children and not be made to work.

Not For Sale
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We have a winner, folks. Leen Van Melle, you are this week's lucky recipient of a free Alter Eco chocolate bar! Thanks for being part of…Read More

use your consumer power and fight the root causes of slavery

Slavery has no place in the 21st Century. It never had any place in a civilised world.

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