Meet Tam

  • Update #19

Meet Tam. The oldest of 5, living on the streets of Thailand in the city of Mae Sai, Tam and his family are stateless. The family lives in poverty, and his parents are addicted to opium. Every day, they force him to beg on the streets for more drug money.…Read More

They are more than a number.

  • Update #18

We introduced you to Alex a couple weeks ago. Alex is a survivor of human trafficking, an industry that enslaves millions. But he’s more than a number. He’s an individual, and his road to recovery will be entirely unique. At Not For Sale Romania, we…Read More

Big Picture: Education

  • Update #17

At Not For Sale, we believe in empowerment. We believe in long-term freedom. We believe in sustainable solutions to human trafficking. That is why education is so vital to our mission. With education, we can attack human trafficking at its roots. It’s…Read More

Lydia's story

  • Update #15

Meet Lydia. Imagine that you are 15, the oldest of 8, and your father has just died. Your mother accepted a job as a cook at a nearby illegal logging camp, and was forced to become a prostitute. You need to find work and help put food on the table. But…Read More

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