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This is beautiful!

Nick Magel

WOW the US crushed 6 tons of ivory, sending a message to the world that the trade of ivory is nearing its end! Lets do this!

As feds crush ivory in Denver to curb poaching, Kerry offers $1M reward to stop elephant killing

U.S. authorities on Thursday crushed 6 tons of seized ivory, each piece cut from dead elephants, signaling resolve to kill a $10 billion illicit trade linked to international crime and terrorism. Tusks and carved objects seized from airports and border crossings over the past two decades were loaded into a blue rock-grinder near a warehouse at…Read More
Kellen MacFadyen

Such an important read on why supporting campaigns like this one are so critical... "Well-armed poachers, working in criminal syndicates,…Read More

How to end ivory poaching
Last week, the Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service ground up 6 tons of ivory that had been seized from illegal imports and interstate sales since 1989 when an international trade ban went into effect. The Obama administration destroyed the U.S. stock to remind the world that the voracious global appetite for ivory and ivory…Read More
WWF (World Wildlife Fund / World Wide Fund for Nature)

Pledge to stop wildlife crime and ensure a future for people and vulnerable wildlife on our planet

Back a Ranger - Stop Wildlife Crime

I have been to Africa and seen these magnificent animals up close. Why any civilised country could trade in the misery this causes beggars belief.

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