Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga National Park

Come on everyone! Let's try and preserve our planet for our children and their children (our grandkids) and for future generations. If we don't, no one will!

I learned about this plan to explore for oil in the middle of the Virunga National Park at a conference last month in Belgium. The devastation that such mindless efforts could bring to this delicate ecosystem is not acceptable in this day and age. Not only will it destroy the wildlife in and…Read More

I just care about everything the World naturally has to offer, including it's rain forests, natural wonders and wildlife. To tamper with it is to tamper with our future ecosystem and rob our grand children of the sights and photographs that we've grown up with!

Children! Children! We must change egos gifting actions unworthy of thought! Children have always been our hope.

Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga National Park
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