Save lives from malaria, one dollar and one child at a time.

Causes members, we're so grateful for your continued support of Malaria No More, and we want you to be the first to join our newest child treatment campaign, Power of One. As exclusive VIP members, you can help save a child's life on Causes before we launch to the general public on September 23rd. 

The Power of One is so simple, yet so effective. Every single minute, a child dies from malaria, but you can take action NOW to stop the clock. Every dollar raised through our campaign will test and treat one of the millions of children in Zambia affected by the disease. How many children will you help save before we launch?  

As you assist us in our goal of treating children, we would like to "treat" you to some special perks! By donating to our fundraiser on Causes, you'll have access to our new website before the general public. Through this site, you'll be able to provide valuable feedback to us about the campaign -- essentially helping us BUILD this campaign from the ground up. The new site will allow you to see how treatments get to Zambia through updates from the field, and it will provide you access to our newest set of social tools, so that you can expand your impact to save even more lives!  

The Power of One campaign wouldn't be possible without the generous support of people like you, and our partners, Novartis and Alere. Novartis, the world's leading provider of malaria treatments, has pledged to donate up to three million courses of treatments during this campaign. And, Alere, the world's leading producer of diagnostic tests for malaria, is playing a leading role in our Power of One campaign, pledging up to two million diagnostic tests.  

Thank you for helping make Malaria No More with your pledge to save lives from malaria, one dollar and one child at a time! Together, we can change the world.    

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