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We the undersigned, strongly condemn the practices that have led to the elimination of millions of girls and women from South Asia's population, and hold the government of India accountable for failing to protect the lives of its female citizens. We further contend, on grounds of human rights, that immediate and effective action be taken by the government, through the implementation of rapid action task forces, to halt this femicide. We also insist the government officially commit to a time-line within which the associated practices of female feticide, female infanticide and dowry murders will be effectively arrested through the rigorous enforcement of existing laws and a stringent accountability on the part of India’s hospitals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies. We further urge international human rights bodies and other governments to join in this effort to persuade the government of Bangladesh, India, Thailand, including South Asia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, UK and USA to acknowledge and honor the call of this petition. This implementation of international jurisdiction is very crucial in tacking the most horrific acts of offenders. Please support our cause fighting crime against humanity! Signed, Sheikh Faysel Abedin Aspiring International HR Barrister

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