A court in Ecuador recently found American oil giant Chevron guilty of widespread oil contamination that has caused massive suffering for tens of thousands of men, women, and children in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Now they need our help to ensure Chevron isn’t able to use its political influence and seemingly endless resources to avoid paying for the cleanup the communities so desperately need. Speaking on behalf of more than 30,000 affected people in Ecuador, a delegation will bring their message to New York, Washington, DC and then directly to the Chevron executives, board of directors, and shareholders in California. Amazon Watch will escort and support these community representatives to help amplify their message with policymakers, institutional investors in Chevron, and national and international media.

By supporting this delegation, you’ll help bring the voice of the Ecuadorians to Chevron’s doorstep. Together we can achieve justice and reach a historic milestone for corporate accountability that will benefit us all. Will you join us?

Over nearly three decades of oil drilling, Chevron subsidiary Texaco engaged in reckless pump-and-dump oil operations that ravaged thousands of square miles of once-pristine Amazon rainforest, and devastated indigenous tribes who have called these lands home for millennia. In February 2011, after an 18 year-long David vs. Goliath battle for justice, local people won a judgment against Chevron, with the court in Ecuador ordering the company to pay more than $9 billion to clean up widespread pollution, and provide potable water and health care for affected communities. Unfortunately, while people in the area continue to suffer and die from cancer and other oil-related illness, Chevron has declared that it will fight to avoid paying to clean up its mess “until hell freezes over.”

In the wake of this landmark legal victory, a delegation of three courageous Ecuadorian community members from the affected region are coming to the U.S. to demand Chevron satisfy the verdict, which the company repeatedly promised courts in the United States that it would do, to avoid having the case heard here. The communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon have fought tirelessly to demand Chevron take responsibility for its toxic legacy. Please help us ensure that their legal victory is not in vain.

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