Right now we are witnessing a critical moment in Brazil's history. Brazil's current energy polices have created glaring setbacks for the rights of indigenous peoples, the environment and Brazilian democracy. It's time to take action for justice. Join us on Monday, December 10th for an International Day of Action against the Belo Monte Dam and for Justice Now!

Why take action next week?

Last month, together with the Movimento Xingo Vivo Para Sempre and International Rivers, we launched the Justice Now! Campaign calling on the Brazilian judiciary to help bring resolution to the outstanding legal cases against the Belo Monte Dam. The campaign has been endorsed by 140 Brazilian organizations and 63 international groups from at least 25 countries in a sign on letter to Brazilian judicial authorities, including the new Afro-Brazilian President of the Supreme Court. The coalition delivered the letter last week and is requesting face-to-face meetings led by Brazilian civil society groups to discuss concerns.

The situation in Brazil is getting more serious by the day. Last week the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) approved a historic $10.8 billion loan for the Belo Monte Dam. While this decision was anticipated for December, we were surprised to see the funds released amidst controversy over the dam, including indigenous occupations and worker uprisings.

BNDES must reconsider its loan and the Brazilian judiciary rule on outstanding legal cases before the Xingu River is closed. It's time for Justice Now! Join Us!

Learn How to Take Action for Justice Now! on Monday, December 10:


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