Two years ago Ecuadorian farmer Servio Curipoma left his rainforest home and traveled thousands of miles to bring his heartbreaking story to the United States. He came asking for help from Chevron, and he didn't get it. This month he returns to demand – on behalf of all the Amazonian communities that have been destroyed by Chevron – that Chevron CEO John Watson pay a personal price for his region's suffering. Servio is calling on Watson to resign from his post as CEO. Chevron should FIRE CEO John Watson!

Can you help support Servio's trip to confront the Chevron CEO at this year's annual shareholder meeting on May 29th?

You may remember how Servio had us all grasping our seats just two years ago with his deeply personal story of how Chevron devastated his lands and drinking water, causing a public health crisis that continues to this day. Servio lost both his parents (his mother's heartbreaking story is told here) and a sister to cancer, which doctors have attributed to drinking water contaminated by toxic crude waste. Since that time, Servio has become an active voice for his community, for over 16 years, demanding that Chevron take responsibility for the contamination that has so severely affected he and his family.

Read more about Servio's story and journey here:

Please support this cause in any way that you can. Spread the word - together we must make sure Big Oil is never "too big to jail".

Thank you!

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