Environmental and Human Rights groups are calling for Chevron CEO John Watson to be FIRED! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CALL!

Since he took over Chevron has become a "corporate criminal on the run" for crimes in Ecuador and with additional spills in Brazil, explosions in Richmond, California and Nigeria, Chevron's safety continues to worsen. 

Rather than take responsibility for Chevron's bad actions and respond accordingly, time and again Watson's response has been to throw millions of dollars into "green-washing" ads and thousands of lawyers to attack Chevron's critics. He has launched an unprecedented attack against Chevron's own shareholders and used Chevron's wealth to "buy" political campaigns and pressure government.

For these and other reasons detailed at TrueCostofChevron we want you to tell Chevron to FIRE John Watson. Go and choose the reasons you think are most important, and add your own, too!


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