This Cause supports a delegation of 80 leaders and community members from the Kichwa indigenous community of Sarayaku deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon to the nation's capital in Quito. They are traveling to Quito to ensure that the Ecuadorian government complies with a precedent setting human rights ruling for Sarayaku and indigenous peoples rights throughout the Americas.

Last July, the Kichwa of Sarayaku, an indigenous community from Ecuador's Amazon, won a landmark legal victory at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) after eight years of struggle. The Court found the Ecuadorian government GUILTY for "failing to conduct a process of free and informed prior consultation in accordance with international standards, violating the rights to communal indigenous property and cultural identity of the Sarayaku people" as well as "endangering the life and integrity of their members with the presence of high powered explosives in the territory." The government has been ordered to formally apologize, remove explosives and pay reparations to the community within a year of the decision.

The decision, which the Correa administration said it would respect, establishes new guidelines on the right to consultation of indigenous peoples and has widespread implications not only for governments of Latin American countries but also the multinational companies operating therein.

This Thursday, July 25th is the first anniversary of the decision and the deadline for the Ecuadorian government to comply with the landmark ruling. The ruling was crucial, but perhaps even more important is ensuring that the government complies with the decision.Sarayaku leaders and community members are traveling to Quito to hold the government accountable. On Wednesday, they are holding a press conference in the National Assembly and on Thursday they have a series of public and press events at the Hotel Quito.

Amazon Watch and our allies are doing all we can to support this delegation with funds to support transportation, accommodations, food, as well as communications needs. This Cause is your chance to support Sarayaku in the culmination of their fight for justice and accountability. Please show your support! 

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What your donation supports:

  • $25 provides food a community members for the trip
  • $50 provides accommodations in Quito for two community members
  • $150 provides air travel out of Sarayaku for two people
  • $250 provides food for twenty community members for the trip
  • $400 provides the rental of a giant conference room to hold a press conference
  • $750 provides air travel for ten community members
  • $1,500 provides housing in Quito for all 60 community members
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