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Expand Bay Area Bike Share to a network of 3,000 bikes in SF

San Francisco should have a robust bike share network like NY, DC and London. Tell Mayor Lee you want it expanded!

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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Guess what? Bay Area Bike Share already has four times as many members as there are bikes--and that's just in the first week!

New Bay Area Bike Share Program A Hit With Riders - CBS San Francisco

CBS San Francisco
A Bay Area Bike Share station at Davis and Front streets in San Francisco. (CBS) SAN JOSE (KCBS) – The new Bay Area Bike Share system has only been in service for a week but seems to be a success as four times as many bicyclists have signed up to use the service as there are bikes available. Karen Schkolnick, spokeswoman for Bay Area Air…Read More

I was recently in NYC and Boston and their bike share programs were awesome. In NYC, they had over 6K bikes! Let's push for more bikes…Read More

California: Bay Area kicks off new bike-share program
There's an easier way to get around San Francisco now, and it doesn't involve cars or cabs. Bay Area Bike Share launched recently with 350 bicycles available in the city and another 350 spread out among Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Jose. And you don't have to be a local to take a spin on one of the bicycles that are available…Read More
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