Since January 2nd, 1996, I've had no choice but to see the scar on my face reminding me that distracted driving isn't worth it. Take the pledge!

My youngest daughter had a good friend. We will call her Nancy. Sh had 5 children. A girl, 2 boys and twin boys. She was driving to her home on a long curvy road. She was having and argument on her cellphone with someone she loved. Her seat-belt was due to be repaired the very next day. As the…Read More

New York will be implementing "Texting Zones" on the highway so you can pull over to text if you need to. Think this will help end texting…Read More

New York state to add signs alerting drivers to "text stops"

Yahoo News
In New York, it's better to pull over and tap a message on a phone if you don't want to get pulled over and ticketed for texting while driving. That's the message Gov. Andrew Cuomo and highway officials are sending to motorists after announcing 300 signs will be placed on state roadways directing drivers to "Texting Zones." The blue-and-white…Read More

It's important for people to look out for others and in this case give a reminder to them to not text while driving because #ItCanWait. Nothing is that urgent and if you know that the text message must be urgent or of an important manner please just pull off to the side of the road. It's really…Read More

You can always spot one.....slow to start to move on a green light or traffic moving forward ahead of them, wandering in the lane, slow driving....stupid driving. Sorry, this is from a High Performance Enthusiast (Racing) Driver...who looks v far ahead...amused by the turkeys speeding ahead…Read More

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