Because it's from a friend of my sister.

I believe in what the causes is for.

NOBODY should have the right to kill anyone else. We are not allowed to keep guns in the UK for protection and it does us no harm. YES people are murdered but this wouldn't stop if we all had guns. There would just be more murders. Ludicrous. Stop guns altogether. Why would you want to own a gun if…Read More

Seriously, why have we not locked this asshole up in a mental institution yet? He's obviously unstable and cannot properly function in society. Throw his ass in the loony-bin!

I think he deliberately killed Trayvon and with the help of a racist jury; he got away free

Governor Scott, if this was your child that was killed by an unstable man such as this, what then? Would you just roll over and walk away with your tail between your legs, or would you make sure something horrible never happened again? I hope you will do the latter. Thank you.

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