I think he deliberately killed Trayvon and with the help of a racist jury; he got away free

Governor Scott, if this was your child that was killed by an unstable man such as this, what then? Would you just roll over and walk away with your tail between your legs, or would you make sure something horrible never happened again? I hope you will do the latter. Thank you.

Governor Scott this could have been the other way around your son or daughter. What then?

This dangerous person needs to be disarmed and put in jail for one of his many offenses ... before he kills someone! Oh wait, he already did that!!!!

Mr. Zimmerman,is a manice with a gun,how many more people has he have to kill,to keep a weapon out of his hands. Wasn't Trayvon Martins death enough. I believe so,now he thinks or believes his on touchable.

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