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Leonard Wilder

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Demand No Gun Rights For Zimmerman!

Zimmerman think because he got away with murder he is free and he think he now can do anything because he had the police backing him. The reason why he is getting into so much trouble now is because God is working on his mind. He know what he did was wrong and for that he now think he can get away with anything. Revolt his gun rights to a permit but you still have to watch him

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Ann Lanoue Healy Wood

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Demand No Gun Rights For Zimmerman!

This man should not have a gun in his possession. He is not stable and he has proven that over and over. I fear he will kill someone else before long as he seems to have no appreciation for human life. He should have been put in jail for his killing of trevon Martin, but a ridiculous law allowed him his freedom. As long as he is out loose at least we should demand he be unarmed. Please save future victims of this evil man by campaigning for no gun rights for him.

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