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Save The Dome

Some of the earliest memories I have are from the earliest days of the Astrodome. The building and I grew up together. As a kid, I just knew that it was an incredibly fun and cool place to go watch baseball, football, rodeo and basketball. Yes, I was at the famed UH-UCLA game along with hundreds of other my memorable Dome moments. Today I realize how iconic the building is to Houston and what a true architectural marvel it is around the world. It was the first of its kind on so many levels. More than anything else in our history, it embodies Houston's modern, imaginative, can-do spirit. It is our Eiffel Tower, and it must be saved, not only for what it has been, but for what it will continue to mean for our great city.

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Tyler Oxford

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Save The Dome

I am doing this because everyone I know says this building is amazing yet I have never been it, this place is a legacy, the big shebang, that big round thing. The dome is where many people have be come famous, have had many great memories/moments. My story might not be wonderful or this amazingly touching story but I do have passion for the building that I have never been to.....

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