Bringing in a New Year of Hope

  • Update #3

3,384 people have helped this campaign as of the end of 2014.  Praying the New Year will have a huge impact in the reduction of the number of animals killed in County shelters due to overpopulation.  More support is still needed to let legislators know that…Read More

Moving forward with reform

  • Update #2

Shelter animals have always been paying the ultimate price with their lives. Now in addition to stepped up spay and neutering efforts, we are pushing for major reform of the Maricopa County Shelter system. The Board of Supervisors in Phoenix, AZ, has been…Read More

New Update

  • Update #1

So far we have 943 supporters, but more signatures are needed. Please share with all your friends to impact local authorities on getting this passed. Animals are dying by the thousands in Arizona shelters every year. The killing of so many beautiful dogs…Read More