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Protect Dogs From The Dangers Of Hot Cars

To many times animals and children are left in hot cars. You see it everyday. This is our way to stop senseless death. There is no reason to leave them in the car. Yes I know some stores don't let them go into them. The best thing to do is leave them at home. If that is not possible, then have one adult stay in the car with them. That away you can roll down a window or leave the air conditioner on. Please help stop people from leaving them in a car. Support Take the pledge. Thank you.

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Jessica Kyzer

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Protect Dogs From The Dangers Of Hot Cars

this matters to me because leaving a dog in a hot car is like putting the dog in a hot oven. no one seems to realize this. i myself have already protected a few dogs this year. I have pulled up in parking lots and seen dogs left in their owners cars with the windows barely down. I have called the law to come out to get the animal out of the car. DON'T be afraid to help!!! It only takes a few seconds for that car to get hot!! You know when its hot outside, you go to your car, you unlock it, and open that door, and wham! You get hit with a explosive hot air? Well that is what that dog is feeling!! Imagine it! How many have died??? Are you going to sit there and let it keep happening?

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