About the campaign to

Assure that No Child Goes Hungry.

Our Journey starts at the Christmas Store—Hope for Parents Program positions potential candidates to the store itself and to the Midtown Neighborhood Network.The Christmas Store:December 2012—58 Families Impacted—213 of that number (143) are children. 94% of parents were women. Hope Bucks Spent—$3,366.24 (269 Work Hours) each family worked an approximate 7.5 hours toward Christmas benefits. Total Retail Inventory Value—$19,526.97 Hard Work = Hope.

And Then – Midtown Neighborhood Network: To date, nine families that total 26 family members in partnership with Dare to Care and Hope Southern Indiana offers between $75 to $125 of groceries every other week offering dignity and hope! 66% of the participating families came from the Christmas Store the others from Midtown Commons! 100% of the relationships came from Midtown Commons!

Next – From Ashes Comes Hope: Creating hope through green space urban gardening.  The Midtown Hope Garden will replace three drug–laden lots that include a greenhouse and a future urban hen house, so Midtown residents can extend their food budgets by growing their own food.  While this concept is not new, this will be the first garden co-op in the area for working poor families.  It will instill community stewardship of local green space and raise ecological awareness through education, outreach, training and demonstration projects. The children will begin to thrive!! 

And Then – New Albany’s Farmers Market: New Albany has a thriving Farmers Market! As the harvest begins to unfold our 12 urban garden tribes can pool their food resources and set up shop at the market creating their own street level economy plus an additional income within their weakened community!The Outcome – The Midtown Collective Movement* depends upon collaborative relationships from the neighborhood families, businesses, churches and nonprofits and begins and ends with Christ! The beauty of this Circle of Dignity, Hope and Life is that we can pick it up and move it to any community in the city, state and country!


*About Us: We are a collaborative ministry that includes partnerships with Clean Socks Hope, Dare to Care, Hope Southern Indiana, Midtown Commons—an outreach ministry of Northside Christian Church, St John Presbyterian and Youth for Christ’s Midtown Ministries that radiates hope for all residents through empowering relationships.

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