I am the Executive Assistant at Kids Central, Inc., is a 501c (3) nonprofit
corporation that serves abused, neglected and
abandoned children.  Every year I have made a Birthday Wish to raise money for this organization that strives to strengthen families by Building Better Lives.  

If you found this page you are considering a contribution to my cause, so I would like to give you a peek at what Kids Central does for children and families: Kids Central screens and recruits foster families, offer foster care
services, adoption, independent living life skills for children who age-out of
the foster care system, support services for relative caregivers (usually
grandparents who are taking care of their grandchildren due to substance abuse,
incarceration, mental health issues or death of the parents), and much
more.  We offer services to divert babies from Florida’s pregnant inmates (all
of which are housed in Marion County) and find relatives by using Family Finding to care for these babies who were
historically placed directly into foster care.   In tough economic times,
incidents of child abuse increase due to the stressors on the families that
include unemployment and financial burdens. Proceeds from my birthday wish campaigns will go directly to Kids Central and used to strengthen families and build better
lives for our most vulnerable citizens. 
Any assistance you can provide our organization would be greatly
appreciated.   To learn more about Kids Central please go to www.kidscentralinc.org/ Thank you! Barbara Myshrall
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