To make MPS responsible for violence done to children

I have switched my child out of MPS schools because she was DAILY picked on not only by the students but by her teacher. This included physical hitting. kicking. spitting. swearing at calling of names etc. I needed an Omnudsbud woman from West Milwaukee to get her changed to a different classroom and even then despite a great teacher the viloence continued. It ended with my daughter being purposely pushed of a high slide onto concrete and she had a sprained leg and bruises. The staff let her walk on ths leg even though it was swollen. I witnessed violence to her when i volunteered. NO CHILD should be treated like dirt because other children think she is the wrong skin color or for any other reason. MY childs teacher purposelly let her we t her pants because she would not allow her to go to the bathroom twice! She also tesed other children and was inattentive. The children in both classrooms were violent and punching, kicking , mocking, verbal abuse were hourly parts of the day!

MPS schools need to let the facts be known and stop pretending the specialty schools are havens for Suburban families. My child was also treated unfairly because we do not have moalot of money.
MPS schools almost crused this child's spirite and I have witnessed other children it is doing the same to.

I urge you to make an unannounced visit to your child's calssroom and OBSERVE the behavior of the students! This is insane.

I literally took my child out of MPS because I feared for her life and her emotional stability. My once bright loving chiiildcame home from school shoulders slumped and DEPRESSED everyday. Schools are not prisions. TEACH children to be civial and end this barbarous behavior!

1. To make officials accountable for accidents that were acts of violence done on purpose

2. To stop MPS from reporting unsafe schoolds as safe by not reporting incidents and hiding evidence of intentional violenceunschools sa

3. To make sure ALL students in MPS schools are not physically nor emotionally hurt regurdless of their , spiritual beliefs, sexual ori

4. TFor MPS students to stop making EXCuses for children whom commit violent acts upon other children


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