Did God Create Animals?

Did God Create Dogs?

No one can put God's creatures aside and indicate a hatred to man's friend number 1.

Hate permeates every area of our lives. It has no business on a social utility. Free speech is an abused freedom. You should never be free to hurt others. The web is a huge worldwide forum. Let cruel, hateful ppl take their ugliness elsewhere. That is not what facebook is for.

"Cuvântul "animal" provine de la cuvântul Latin animale, genul neutru al animalis și este derivat de la "anima", ce înseamnă suflu vital sau suflet. Definiția biologică a cuvântului se referă la toți membrii regnului animalia, inclusiv OMUL" (Regnul Animalia - de la Wikipedia, enciclopedia…Read More

toute incitation à la haine est condamnable, qu'elle soit contre les humains ou contre les animaux!!!!

I have saved more than one abused animal from shelters and they have become sweet and trusted friends and family members. Anyone who abuses an animal deserves the same punishment as anyone who abuses people. This is our planet to share and protect and these are our brothers and sisters. All…Read More

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