If you've set aside some money to do something good . . . please consider donating any amount you can toward providing music instruction for elementary school kids.

The Scholar’s Music Project brings music instruction to elementary school students.

The mission of the Scholar’s Music Project is to create social change through sustainable music education.

We have several partners including Young Audiences, Bolles Arts International, Chula Vista Elementary School District, and the Sweetwater Union High School District. A few reasons why we believe in this . . . 

1. “The fact that people can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful people.” (Cheryl Lavender ) 2. Children involved in the arts do better in school. College entrance exam SAT scores average over 100 points for students in the arts. (UCLA Study)
3. Children in the arts stay school longer. Absenteeism and dropout rates decline when the arts are a strong component in a child’s education. (Calif. Superintendent  of Instruction) 4. Children Involved In the arts tend to have better coordination, focus and memory. (Researchers Shaw and Rauscher) 5. The arts are a core element in the development of culture and society. Training in the arts creates better citizens.  all believe certain values
are worthwhile: Fairness, Loyalty, Compassion, Trustworthiness, Responsibility and are Respect. These values transcend nationalities, cultures and
religions. These values are intrinsic to arts education. (Institute for Global Ethics)  5. The Arts Are A Bridge Between Heaven And Earth. (Bolles Arts International)
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