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Anita Kokoreva
Anita Kokoreva Campaign leader

The FBI investigated what are now called hate crimes as far back as World War I.

Hate Crimes

Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI’s Role  As part of its responsibility to uphold the civil rights of the American people, the FBI takes a number of steps to combat the problem of hate crimes.  The following efforts serve as a backstop to investigations conducted by state and local law enforcement agencies, which handle the vast majority of bias crime investigations…Read More
Anita Kokoreva
Anita Kokoreva Campaign leader

Prevalence of hate crime. What motivates hate offenders. Responses to hate crime. Research needed on hate crime.

Hate Crime | National Institute of Justice

National Institute of Justice
  Hate Crime Apply now! NIJ has released the fiscal year 2018 solicitation Research and Evaluation on Hate Crimes (pdf, 39 pages). Applications are due May 3, 2018. The term "hate crime" was coined in the 1980s by journalists and policy advocates who were attempting to describe a series of incidents directed at Jews,…Read More
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