To ensure that the tragedies of the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

The Zachor Holocaust Rememberance Foundation is a non-profit organization with a unique cause. The founder‚ Ben Lesser of Las Vegas‚ NV is a holocaust survivor with a mission to ensure that the tragedies of the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

For the past fourteen years Mr. Lesser has dedicated his life to bearing witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust. He travels across the country speaking at schools‚ colleges‚ synagogues and churches‚ sharing his experiences.
Last year Mr. Lesser received a pin from a local Holocaust Survivors group imprinted with the Hebrew letters of the word Zachor – "Remember." He began to wear this pin to all his lectures. "Many of the students and teachers have asked me the meaning of this pin" he said. "When I explain and translated it‚ they are visibly touched."

Recently, Mr. Lesser went to a school to speak and brought two extra pins with him. After the presentation he gave these pins to two students that he believed would appreciate them. "Their response was tremendous. They told me that they would always cherish the pin and that my story will never be forgotten for as long as they shall live"‚ he said.
Based on that response‚ Lesser decided to test how a larger audience would react and had 1‚000 pins made. A few weeks later he spoke to 500 high school seniors in Las Vegas. "At the conclusion of my speech‚ I explained the significance of the pin and asked for a show of hands from those students who wanted a pin." Surprised he reported "All of them raised their hands and I was able to give each of them a pin."

Two weeks later a box arrived at his home containing hundreds of thank you letters from both students and teachers. "When I called the teacher to say thank you‚ I asked her how the kids responded to the pins." The teacher responded "I was really surprised to see that most of the students are still wearing them and some have pinned them to their hats and backpacks."

Based on their positive response‚ Lesser knew what need to be done. And so‚ The Zachor Holocaust Rememberance Foundation was borne. Its mission: To provide all speakers of the Holocaust with Zachor pins‚ free of charge‚ to give to their listeners.

In the words of Mr. Lesser‚ "Certainly there will be more for us to do to ensure the memory of this darkest period in our history. But for now‚ our goal is to provide every Holocaust speaker/survivor with this small memento to give out to their audiences‚ a tangible reminder of what they have heard and learned."
Lesser closed by adding "I feel that the souls of our dear departed ones‚ all six million of them‚ are crying out to us in a single word: Zachor."

To learn more write to [email protected]

or send your tax deductible donation to:
Zachor Holocaust Rememberance Foundation
2251 North Rampart Blvd. #2520
Las Vegas‚ NV 89128

1. Our goal is to provide survivors/speakers and educators with a token to give each person listening to their presentations.

2. That token is a small pin (free of charge) of the Hebrew word "ZACHOR"‚ remember.

3. To give these students a tangible reminder of what they have heard and learned.

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