Our mission is to be a big voice for America's disappearing wild horses, in a concentrated effort to prove & convince the Federal Government that mustangs matter- to us and the rest of world

July 23, 2010 Launch Date
Founded by Sonya Spaziani
aka Mustang Meg

We are a powerful united voice of people from all over the world for American wild horses.

American mustangs are currently being "managed to extinction". They have no voice of their own. We must be their voice.

The government has proven it believes these icons of the American frontier and western heritage are expendable by continuing roundups, despite public outcry. Captive mustangs in government holding facilities now outnumber those left in the wild. The Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been given a job by America's citizens, entrusting to them the care and protection of these symbols of the American West. However, the people's wild horses are being removed from public rangelands at alarming rates, with herd numbers falling below recommended healthy levels for genetic viability. In addition, lands originally set aside by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 have been reduced by 19 million acres, and since year 2000, coincidentally, America lost nearly 50% of their wild horses. Correlation?

It is recognized that America's "wild mustangs" and the North American last frontier ~ the "wild west" are synonymous, and both to be cherished and protected.

It is the goal to grow this cause to a MILLION people from all over the world- where every single one, is a voice for American mustangs. A united voice that cannot be ignored.

Sonya Spaziani, aka Mustang Meg

USPS approved 44cent postage stamps available with this image "The Unbroken". Prints also available. Show your support for our wild horses. You can go through me via paypal- [email protected] or zazzle http://www.zazzle.com/spaziani/stamps?cg=196711510778705897

1. To be a MILLION STRONG members with a UNITED voice for preservation of America's wild horse & burros.

2. To prove by numbers to the United States government, that our wild horses are important to the citizens of this land and abroad.

3. To assert that wild horses are our Heritage, our National treasure, our Icons of the American West.


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