Heal One World was formed to help connect people in need of self help & non-invasive treatments, that are generally not covered by insurance, access to this help on a sliding scale or donation basis.

We assist to arrange and promote clinics where low cost treatment can be found, as well as maintain a database of providers who are interested in helping those in need and create a long term focus of well being of body, spirit and mind.
We also offer people in need a forum to ask questions and state their issues to find the best provider to help them reach their goal of health. We are particularly tring to help children & adults with chronic illnesses.

We want to bring attention to this subject via film and music projects and offer help with filming and production for those who need assistance in getting these projects made. As well as holding fundraisers and the film festival, taking place in May 2010.

1. Awareness of Issues facing our earth

2. Self directed, Self Help Heathcare

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