Only a handful of racers become champions, but hundreds of others have played an important role in the history of drag racing.  If their stories remain untold the history of our sport will be incomplete.   Only YOU can help.  Your tax-free contribution to the Quarter Mile Foundation will help insure that drag racing's complete story will be told.

DID HE REALLY SAY THAT?  BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I THOUGHT HAPPENED…   Drag racing's best stories have never appeared in magazines or on television.  They're the tales that racers spin as they sit around after eliminations, or back at the hotel after they DNQ and everybody DNQs at some point!), or even at the finish line when they think the guy in the other lane burned 'em down. 

Conducting video interviews from Coast to Coast is an expensive proposition, yet every single penny we receive in contributions will be used to expand our interviews in an effort to truly tell drag racing's story.  

And who do you want telling that story, Big Daddy or a writer who wasn't there?  The Snake or the writer whose hands are tied to the point where what's politically correct is more important than the truth?No magazine or newspaper is ever going to tell you these and so many other stories, but by helping the Quarter Mile Foundation with your tax-free contributions those stories will be preserved and shared for all time.  

Our goal is a simple one – preserving the real, true and unvarnished stories of the sport we all love. 

Please help us preserve these stories by giving to the Quarter Mile Foundation @ Click here to become a part of preserving history.

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