To provide awareness to the gruesome "sport" known as wildlife penning and to rally support for stopping it, not only in our community, but everywhere!

As a family, we dealt with this issue in our backyard in Holt, Florida. We followed the necessary steps of contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) to help, but found out wildlife penning was legal in the state of Florida as well as many other states. Wildlife penning involves the capture of foxes and coyotes who are then shipped across state lines and placed into 100-acre penned areas. Then, dozens of hunting dogs are released into the pen and scored on how fast they catch the prey. We have witnessed firsthand the pack mentality the dogs create when attacking a helpless animal.

With the help of numerous supporters, we have successfully shut down fox penning permanently in Florida! Now it's time to focus our attention on the other states that allow this practice to continue. Please read more at


2. Wildlife Penning should not be considered hunting.

3. This cause is neither anti-hunting nor anti-gun.

4. We must arise to the occasion and stop this once and for all!


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