At Operation USA, we believe education is the cornerstone of sustainable development. It has the power to transform lives with a lasting effect beyond nearly any other kind of aid. Unfortunately, around the world, and even here in the United States, many students struggle to gain access to basic educational resources. That's why this year we're renewing our commitment to education -- and we hope you'll join us!

Nicaragua After Hurricane Mitch struck Nicaragua in 1999, Operation USA focused relief efforts in Santa Rosa, located in the Nueva Segovia province. Over the span of a decade, we built 69 houses, a pre-school, a library and computer center and extensive irrigation systems in the village. We also established a micro-credit "village banking" system, and provided funds to cover the cost of attendance at an area high school for all children. Our efforts in Santa Rosa also have allowed for post high school training, a hook-up to a regional power grid as well as a micro-hydro-power system, methods of alternative crop development and much more. Today, our commitment to the people of Santa Rosa remains strong, concentrating on education, health and agricultural development. 

In the small village of Santa Rosa, children rely on support from Operation USA to advance their education and master skills that will help them thrive in every day life. Each year, new needs emerge that call for assistance in the village, and this year is no different:
-30 students need assistance with tuition and school fees
-A new well would support the school's cafeteria with food preparations
-A wifi internet system at the village library and computer center would aid in education for students of all ages
-New computers would allow students an enhanced learning experience -Seeds and crops for the village gardens would support the school's feeding program while teaching children sustainable farming techniques

$140 pays all school expenses for one child – fees, uniforms, supplies and transportation
$250 pays for one month of wireless internet at the village library and computer center
$300 pays tuition for one student at a post-high school vocational college  $500 funds one well serving the school's cafeteria 
$500 buys a new computer for students to use 
$750 provides seeds for farming in a sustainable garden, supporting the school's feeding program

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