At Operation USA, we believe education is the cornerstone of sustainable development. It has the power to transform lives with a lasting effect beyond nearly any other kind of aid. Unfortunately, around the world, and even here in the United States, many students struggle to gain access to basic educational resources. That's why this year we're renewing our commitment to education -- and we hope you'll join us!

UNITED STATES (Louisiana) The Awesome Girls Mentoring Program has successfully mentored at risk girls throughout the greater New Orleans area since 1977.  Offered year-round, the programming not only appeals to girls' interests, but also enables staff and volunteers to foster the healthy growth and development of happy, self-sufficient young women. Operation USA has been an enthusiastic supporter of the program since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005. Under the steady guidance of director James Rogers and his dedicated staff, the girls are given a safe place to learn and grow. Nutritional programs, self esteem and confidence building classes, scholastic tutoring and physical activities are just a few of the many services the program makes available to the girls and their families. Through these valuable programs, the girls are given the tools to cope with the many challenges that life presents and the confidence to overcome them.

Awesome Girls participants are given a fighting chance at a brighter future, and a place to simply be a child again. Financial help from organizations like Operation USA and supporters like you is essential, and would make these initiatives possible:
-A leadership training workshop would help the girls learn what it really means to be in a leadership position in their peer group as well as in their community.
-A parenting workshop would allow parents, guardians and family members to share challenges, strategies and resources with each other to enhance their child-raising & behavioral intervention skills.
-A safety project would help girls clearly define healthy and unhealthy attributes of a relationship, further understand emotional and mental abuse, and think critically about the roles they play in relationships currently. -Exercise gear would allow more girls to participate in the program's yoga classes and other fitness activities
-Arts and crafts supplies would help the girls express their creativity -Magazine and newspaper subscriptions would give girls perspective on current events and world news 
-15 new tablets and 10 new computers would provide an enhanced learning experience for girls, and aid with homework

$9 provides a girl with a pedometer to promote fitness and health 
$20 allows one parent/guardian to participate in a parenting workshop 
$50 provides a subscription to Essence Magazine for the program
$130 covers a subscription to a major newspaper for the program 
$150 buys a new tablet for the program 
$500 provides arts and crafts supplies for 20 girls
$500 buys a new laptop for the program 
$800 provides a 12 x 12 floor mat for yoga and other fitness activities 
$2,500 funds a leadership workshop or safety project for all program participants

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