An update from Aderonke

  • Update #44

Friends, many thanks for the long wait! Aderonke's asylum case is back in the Court of Appeals and it doesn't appear to be heard so soon due to backlogs of cases. We'll of course update you as soon as we know more.  In the meantime, I would like to share…Read More

Not Gay Enough

  • Update #43

Friends, I am sure you'll be appalled at the Home Office barrister, Mr Andrew Bird's comments in the Royal Court of Justice on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 during the Judicial Review of Aderonke's case. He argued that: ‘yes [Aderonke] had engaged in same sex…Read More

Major Decision Coming Tuesday

  • Update #41

Friends, The long-awaited Judicial Review hearing of Aderonke's asylum claim to remain in the UK is coming up at the Royal Courts of Justice. Despite being a well-known LGBT activist and winner for prestigious LGBT leadership awards, the Home Office is…Read More

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