Aderonke Apata
Aderonke Apata Campaign leader

Aderonke was the main organizer & leader of the Movement for Justice group in Yarl’s Wood. She galvanized other Lesbians to fight homophobia, & then widened that group to nearly 300 women of all nationalities, religious & cultural backgrounds fighting for their freedom. She stood up…Read More

The asylum system in the UK is trading shopping vouchers for peoples lives. It's horrific that activists like Aderonke are being sent back…Read More

Home Office staff rewarded with gift vouchers for fighting off asylum cases

the Guardian
Official guidance for the Home Office, interior pictured, was obtained by the Guardian under freedom of information laws. Photograph: Alamy Home Office officials are being rewarded with shopping vouchers for helping to ensure failed asylum seekers lose their attempt to stay in the country, new documents reveal. Official guidance obtained by…Read More
Aderonke Apata
Aderonke Apata Campaign leader

It is important to know that many people are supporting this petition immensely and signing at each event that Aderonke had attended in raising the awareness of what her plight would be if she was returned to Nigeria.
About 1000 signatures have been collected on hard copy.


demand the UK grant asylum to female Nigerian activist

Most of us walking the streets of this country have problems in life...this young lady is no exception..but would be persecuted dreadfully if she's kicked back to has not committed any crime here in the give her the break in life that she deserves...she's not a "sponger on…Read More

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