Wow, the map in this article is frightening. I can't believe that there are countries in Africa where people can be sentenced to death for…Read More

Aderonke Apata's appeal for political asylum

Milan, January 23, 2013. The British Minister for Immigration and the UK Border Agency have responded to the appeal made by EveryOne Group - together with Movement for Justice, National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns and Lesbian Immigration Support Group - on the case of the Nigerian lesbian activist Aderonke Apata. The Treat Official…Read More

"Returning to Nigeria is not an option for me." Her story is heartbreaking, but her bravery is inspiring people all over the world to stand…Read More

Manchester Migrant Solidarity

In case you missed Aderonke on the news last night, catch up here! Nothing from the court yet...

demand the UK grant asylum to female Nigerian activist

Aderonke has spent her life fighting for human rights and LGBT equality in the UK and Nigeria. Despite needing asylum herself, she…Read More

demand the UK grant asylum to female Nigerian activist
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