The mission of the Newfoundland Club of America’s Charitable Trust is to secure donations, to manage and distribute funding in support of research grants to study health issues affecting Newfoundlands, to provide necessary monetary aid for Newfoundland rescue assistance, and to award educational
scholarships to junior Newfoundland fanciers.
Working towards a safe and healthy future for every Newfoundland since 2003.
Whether providing life saving surgery on a rescue dog or funding research to find a DNA test for cystinuria, Newfoundland fanciers have generously supported the charities of the Newfoundland Club of America. Our nationwide rescue network was one of the first breed specific rescues developed, and has been used as a model for many other AKC breed rescue programs. The Newfoundland Health Challenge has worked tirelessly to find exemplary research programs to address the health issues facing these giants of the dog world.

Since 2003, The NCA Charitable Trust has been the financial steward of these programs. The goal of the Trust is to raise needed funds, steward the resources wisely and invest in rescue programs and research studies that will most benefit our breed. The trust also administers the junior scholarship program, recognizing excellence in the next generation of Newfoundland fanciers and encouraging participation in breed activities.

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