Many endangered cemeteries are being destroyed by multilple elements.

The staff of Resurrection Mission is attempting to research, locate and then preserve endangered cemeteries within, at this time, southeastern North Carolina.

Families die out, move away, or "forget" where older or abandoned cemeteries are located. Individuals withiin these endangered cemeteries need to be shown respect and recognition for their services to their community.

Some endangered cemeteries are the final resting place for American war veterans, some never been officially recognized for their contribuitions.

This is particularly true in the case of pre-Korean War African American Veterens when they fought for American freedoms that they themselves could not share fully in these same freedoms.

1. Endangered cemeteries are final resting places and need to be maintained, properly.

2. Local history is being lost when endangered cemeteries are neglected.

3. Due to "Urban Sprawl," for example, endangered cemeteries are being "lost."

4. Numerous Military Veterans have been laid to rest within these endangered cemeteries.

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