Our intent is to make this a day into a continuous movement for giving, helping and healing

26th of July movement began solely for giving selflessly, healing, sending prayers, and helping the needy. The first project that will run in parallel with other ideas is to raise funds for the Yogaswami Girls' Hindu Home (Orphanage) in Sri Lanka... Please take a few moments to read more about the orphanage. http://www.hheonline.org/funds/fund_62.html

Why name this cause '26th of July Movement'? Simply because I dedicated my birthday which is on 26th July for a good cause and wanted it to be a continuous movement that inspires people to help others especially orphanages .

About this endowement: Hindu Ophanage Endowment and HHE are administered by Monks of Kauai Hindu Monastery, Hawaii @ www.himalayanacademy.com

Orphanage Endowments: One of our main concerns at HHE is to secure the future of children in need. Donations from people from all around the world have helped to set up a series of orphanage endowments that give constant financial and moral support to orphanages in their very difficult work of raising and educating neglected children, in the purest Hindu manner and traditions. The orphanages need your kind support to continue carrying out their services. Raising and educating the neglected children that live in the orphanages is a task that requires patience, kindness and humility. We are working to help the children experience a family bonding in a home like the one most of them will never have. You can help with your generous donations in meeting their daily needs and establishing a safe and secure future for them. As the situation for the children is challenging, any donation, large or small, will improve their living conditions, their health, their daily routine, and their quality of life. An endowment donation to these orphanages will secure their future as we make sure they are constantly supported in their growing needs. Donations can be made to the Hindu Orphanage Endowment Fund that supports several orphanages worldwide, or to a particular orphanage endowment fund. A donation to these orphanages will enhance the standard of living of many children and raise their self-esteem, training and independence. More info on this organisation can be found here: Hindu Heritage Endowment @ www.hheonline.org

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