To honor global cultures by providing sustainable programs of clean water, sanitation infrastructure, health and education to children and adults in context to their cultural and environmental needs.

HOTC is dedicated to bringing clean water, dignified sanitation and health education to indigenous rainforest people in the remote Amazon of Peru. (House of the Children project in Peru are now developed under the name: Rainforest Flow.)

 In 2008, Rainforest Flow completed the first culturally and environmentally appropriate indigenous health project in the native community of Huacaria, in the Manu Rain Forest of Peru.

Huacaria now has clean water flowing to every home, bathrooms with an eco-friendly septic system at the village school, and a trained water/sanitation committee that monitors water quality and safety. The health of the children continues to evolve through ongoing daily hygiene practices. Our health study shows that water related diarrheal illnesses decreased 45%, and the most dangerous intestinal parasites decreased 94% over our five year program. These health and social advances are monumental in the history of a native community in Manu.

We are now replicating our successful pilot programming from Huacaria throughout the Manu Rain Forest and surrounding regions. Our current village is Yomybato, in the protected zone of the Manu National Park. (

 Our view: 1. Access to Clean Safe Drinking Water is an innate right of every living being.

2. Access to dignified sanitation services must be integral with Clean Water for individual to make sustainable long term health advances.

3. We must support children, families, and communities from a place of inner strength and not from a place of poverty or circumstance.

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