Dear friends/Sevgili arkadaşlar:

This November I'll be running the Princeton Half Marathon as a fundraiser for the Turkish Library for the Blind (TÜRGÖK). Last year, you all helped me to raise over $2500 - this year, I'm shooting for $3000. With your help, I'm confident we can do it! 

Here's some more information on this great cause:

The Turkish Library for the Blind needs books - children's books, to be specific - and we're going to help get them."Türkiye Görme Özürlüler Kitaplığı" (TÜRGÖK) is the only library serving the more than 40,000 blind residents of Turkey. Offering classes and lending materials to Turkish speakers worldwide, the library is doing greatly needed work - and doing it well.

In April 2012, TÜRGÖK cut the ribbon of the first library for blind children in Turkey. Yet now they face a hurdle: many Turkish children's classics have not yet been translanted into Braille.

Here's where you come in: The Bridge to Türkiye Fund is pledging to fund the printing of Turkish children's classics in Braille, helping them reach their goal of 500 titles.

Here's the breakdown of our costs:

With $135 - the Library can add 5 copies of a shorter-length braille book (around 200 pages) to their inventory

With $270 - the Library can add 5 copies of a longer braille novel (such as a 1000 page Tolkien book) to their inventory

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be put to immediate and powerful use!

Thank you for your support,


Youu an see the BTF project here:

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