The goal of HLM is to spread the gospel to those who really need to hear it and equip those who know Christ as Lord and Savior to minister to others. We reach out to those the World has forgotten.

We are impacting those in Chatham and Effingham County, and the surrounding areas of Savannah by reaching out to those the world has forgotten in places where they will not hear the Gospel if we do not go. We conduct over 1,100 services a year in Youth Detention, Nursing Homes, Prisons, Jails, Transitional Centers, Homeless Shelters, and Facilities for Children and Adolescents that are locked up for behavioral problems. We believe that God wants us to reach those that are the so-called "downcast" of society. These are the ones that Jesus reached out to when He was on earth. We need to reach as many people for Christ as we can in this day of no hope and no security. The only way we will change the world is one person at a time. We all need Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The cost of crime is spiraling out of control, the US spent 44 billion last year and that does not include the cost to the victims whose lives they destroy. We are trying to reach youth before they destroy their lives with the crimes or sins that they will commit if we don't reach them. We exist to minister to anyone who is unable to go to a Bible Study or Church Service because they are locked up or physically unable to.


2. To reach more people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ

3. To equip and edify those who know Christ as their Lord and Savior

4. To build relationships with those in need by providing joy, comfort, & security in their lives through bible studies, church services, and visitation

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