Christo Urbano is a Christian Rap group that performed at its first Youth camp in 2009. That outreach and its impact was amazing!  The opportunity to perform at these camps is ongoing and is not limited to the Dominican Republic. Our message and our music is designed to encourage young Christians everywhere to be agents of change in their communities.  We also serve  on the ground providing an evangelistic outreach to all youth everywhere who have not yet given their lives completely to Christ. The members of the group were raised in the community of Santiago Hoya del Caimito, Republic Dominicana. This movement consists of singers, dancer, actors, and evangelists to offer praise!!
In 2011, we put out our mix tape "Latino4Christ", a collection of hits that mark our history since the inception of Christo Urbano  in 2004 . Also in 2011 , Cristo Urbano rap, has become  marked with a  theme "No fear" (no temere), which has had quite an impact at the national level and  abroad.  "I will not fear" is the first single from our first album which is called "More Than Rhymes" ( + Que Rimas) which was released on September 23rd of 2012.

When a Church plant or outreach is going on, we are often asked to do revivals in the street to help the new community. We are invited to perform in situations like this because our music has a strong evangelistic content that is presented to the secular world in a language that they can understand. Rap is the most popular music right now in the country.  We are humbled that our work in the underground scene for so many years has resulted in us being respected by secular rappers locally.  Our prayer is to impact this group for Christ as well.  Our music has received exposure with local television shows and radio. We are respected for the quality of our work and we are proud of that. Christian music is being given its time on air and we want that to grow here in the Dominican Republic!!

With our new album we are now touring the country going specifically to churches in need. Churches that have invite us to come and encourage the youth of their communities.  We are able to plant seeds of faith around the country! The feedback from the Pastors of these churches is encouraging!! It is awesome to see God use music and dance to tell the story of Jesus and to draw others close to him. We have also been blessed to be asked to go into local prisons. There are different ones in our community; each one houses a different group youths, women and men. We will soon be visiting others around the country. We are often given the opportunity for further training and outreach abroad, but are in need of funds to get better as well as to share with others in South and Central America!! We respectfully ask that you help by supporting us and listen to our music! 

For every donation of $25 or more we will send you a copy of our newest CD. Please provide us an address if possible and we will get them out to you right away!!

Thank you for your continued support

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