Lovevolution Foundation is a Maui based, but globally active educational 501c3 organization; dedicated to creating a social movement that is founded in global transformation through individual inspiration. 

Together with community leaders, organizations that are Earth conscious, as well as inspired thinkers of our time, we are coauthoring live theatrical concert events, and innovative conscious multimedia that use ‘eduatinment’ to engage audiences in a fun/intelligent way on real world issues such as the environment, peace advocacy, social justice, and creative self-actualization. Visit us online, get involved and become a lovevolutionary by joining us in being the inspiration we wish to see in the world. Viva Lovevolution! 

Bring the Lovevolution to you by hosting The Voice of Nature concert experience in your area, community, school, or organization. Advanced reservation is required. All proceeds go towards the Lovevolution Foundation educational public charity dedicated to global transformation through individual inspiration. Call our events coordinator at (808) 446-1344.

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