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Anybody with connections to New Orleans knows about getting pinned with birthday cash, right? Well, Common Ground Health Clinic turns 8 years old on Monday, September 9, and we're inviting you to celebrate that milestone with us by pinning some cash on to our shirt - virtually, by clicking the donate button on this page. For sustainability - and for extra good luck - we're asking each of our…

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Can you spare $10 for community health care access right now? Here at the Common Ground Health Clinic, although we now accept Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance, and request fees from our patients on an income-based sliding scale, we continue to honor our commitment to provide services regardless of the patient's ability to pay. What we have found is that people are glad to contribute…

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A little over a year ago, Common Ground Health Clinic was able to purchase a new building, located at 501 Newton Street. We have acquired the building, architectural renderings and building/zoning permits, but have not been successful with securing all of the costs associated with demolition, building the shell, renovating the interior and furnishing the building. To achieve these goals, we ask…

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