Urge NASA to immediately halt space radiation studies on live squirrel monkeys.

NASA plans to expose squirrel monkeys to radiation in an attempt to understand the effects of interplanetary travel.

Genetic and physiological differences between humans and monkeys make this type of research ineffectual. Ongoing, ethically-conducted studies already use nonanimal methods to determine the effects of radiation on humans.

Radiation experiments involving nonhuman primates commonly involve restraint and other cruel procedures. Monkeys, like other primates, are highly intelligent, have strong family bonds, demonstrate empathy, and, most importantly, suffer.

We urge NASA to halt these inhumane and unnecessary experiments.

TAKE ACTION: http://bit.ly/StopNASA

1. NASA's use of squirrel monkeys is a giant leap backward.

2. There are many viable nonanimal research methods that can and should be used.

3. TAKE ACTION: http://bit.ly/StopNASA


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